Thermal insulation of a tent hall

14 February, 2023

In case of all-year-round objects it is very important to ensure appropriate temperature conditions, especially in an autumn-winter period. For this purpose, thermal insulation of a tent hall is of high importance. There are several solutions in order to warm such a construction up, while the exact choice depends on the hall’s purpose, size and type of wall and roof covering. So, what types of systems ensuring optimal temperatures can be distinguished? We invite you to read the article in which we specify the most common solutions for tent halls heating.


How to ensure appropriate thermal insulation?


These days it is possible to choose between various systems, designed for heating the objects with specified parameters. Among the most common devices, radiant heaters and heaters of following types are standing out:

  • oil;
  • gas;
  • coal;
  • electric.

Particular solutions designed to ensure thermal insulation differ between each other by productivity, effectiveness of performance, safety, impact on the environment and other parameters. This is why it is necessary to thoroughly analyse the heating system of a tent hall. Very important is to take into consideration its exact dimensions and other technical parameters, including thermal insulation.


Effective tent hall heating


Working principle of all above-mentioned heaters is similar – the warm air is pressed inside the construction through PVC tunnels. Thanks to that, it is possible to achieve temperature at a satisfactory level in a short period of time. At a certain degree, warming up a tent hall depends on its area.

When it comes to whole-year-round objects heating you shouldn’t forget about its purpose. Other solutions will prove themselves in production halls, warehouses or those in which there is livestock. In any case, it is important to remember that thermal insulation is of great importance for the comfort of people using it and also for general safety and good condition of the goods stored in it.