Steel constructions


A durable structure and reliable materials create solid solutions. We produce constructions in a variety of sizes. We undertake individual, challenging orders. Each of our products is created strictly based on the needs and requests of our customers. We take into consideration the future use of the facility. We design and manufacture halls and pavilions for different needs: sports, exhibitions, warehouses, markets, etc.


What is the deciding factor in the quality of our products?


Each individual steel construction is made from a long-lasting type of steel. They tolerate all weather conditions and are resistant to mechanical damage. Furthermore, we implement metal refining techniques to add an extra coat as galvanising.

An additional advantage of our designs is an attentiveness to correct and refine a design. To prepare an individual offer we use design software, allowing weak points to be eliminated and a solid construction to be made. Each project is supervised by experienced and specifically qualified engineers.


Merits of our products


Our solutions meet the needs and specifications of all our customers. It is also our priority to guarantee the highest standards of quality products. We make sure every steel construction manufactured by us is adjusted to its destination. All our products are characterised by:

Furthermore, with each and every project we make sure assembling and disassembling the hall or pavilion is not complicated.