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We manufacture steel tent halls. In our offer you can find ready projects as well as projects prepared and designed individually for each customer. Plans are carried out with data given in the tent hall creator and after further arrangements.

The most important factor when choosing the right tent hall is the future purpose of the hall. The universal block can be adjusted and used for a variety of purposes such as storage, production, entertainment, etc. Elements of the construction change the character of the tent hall. Depending on the purpose, objects may have a different number of doors and windows as well as different equipment (e.g. installations, heating, separated rooms and compartments). The height is also very important. The ceiling of a space for a tennis court or warehouse should be of the right height. When choosing the right tent hall it is important to keep in mind the weather conditions in the location. Such data is necessary in when choosing the right roofing material?

As a manufacturer we are constantly working on our reputation; therefore, we use only high quality, attested products. We cooperate with the best manufacturers of elements. For the construction of the frame we use only durable, profiles, with an additional coat of galvanization, which makes the elements more resistant to weather conditions and corrosion. For the walls and roof we use tarpaulin, steel sheets or sandwich slab. According to individual needs we advise which material will be the best.

Constructions do not need any additional maintenance work. It is advised, however, to inspect the technical condition such as stringing, joins etc. Tent halls are not made for heavy loads on the construction; therefore, it is necessary to clear the snow off the roof so that it does not damage the roof under the weight of the snow. By adhering to the safety rules and making recurring examination of
technical conditions, tent halls can be used for a dozen or even several dozen years.

The total cost of manufacture and installation of a tent hall depends on many factors such as the size, chosen material and additional elements. At times the costs rise with unusual requests of investors. As a manufacturer, we offer attractive prices because there are no additional agents. The final costs are always counted individually. Moreover our objects mean that a shortened time of depreciation (usually 10-year period) can be used and are not subject to the property tax.

An analysis of alternative options or possibilities of renting additional space often takes place prior to purchasing a tent hall. Experience in manufacturing tent halls allows us to always advise to buy because it gives more advantages to the user. First of all, the investor becomes the owner, and second – the construction can be placed elsewhere at any point. Furthermore, the investor can make changes to the design as needed. A purchased tent hall assures new materials of all elements, which gives longer lasting and better usage. As the owner of a tent hall, you can make all changes to adjust the object.

Yes. The price of the tent hall includes professional assembling at the location. The details are discussed with each customer individually.

It is possible to assemble a construction on any relatively flat surface. Crucial is the stability of the surface. The longer the object will be used and the heavier it is, the surface should become more stable.

The time needed to assemble a tent hall depends on the size and takes from 1 to 10 days.

In Polish law these constructions are not buildings. Therefore, it is not necessary to have permission. It is necessary, however, to report it as a temporary construction and obtain temporary permission.

We have both ready fixed designs and we carry out projects specified for the needs of individual customer.

Our tent hall configurator allows to use all standard solution in all possible combinations. Furthermore it is possible to place additional elements like gates, windows, ventilators. We are able to meet all needs and expectations of our customers such as additional supporting columns by the gates or additional entrances by the side walls. It is also possible to choose the colour out of wide range of colours.

The construction is designed in a way allowing to add additional entrances.

As a manufacturer we are able to prepare tent halls according to specific needs and as requested by the customer. We can make constructions with steel sheets at some walls of the tent hall and other of tarpaulin. It is similar with the choice of colours.

No. The equipment of a tent hall lies with the investor. We can help with organising the interior arrangements and position of the dividing walls. We also advise the best and latest solutions to increase the comfort of a tent hall, such as mosquito nets, heating coils, etc.

The source of heating usually used is an oil heating coil or accelerator. These appliances are used because of the high efficiency and low costs of exploitation. In the summer period, especially in steel sheet halls, it is possible for the tent hall to overheat. Some solutions can be applied to lower the temperature in the summer period. One of the methods used for this purpose is the material with which we cover the tent – sunblock (it is characterised by low permeability of sunlight) or roof construction with additional layer of roof tarpaulin (ceiling lining).

In the tent halls that are not correctly heated in the period of autumn and winter, condensation can occur. It happens when warmer air from the inside collides with the cold surface of tarpaulin and steel profiles. Then the moisture changes into condensation. To avoid this two layers of tarpaulin are installed. Often used are ventilators and vents which lower the scale of condensation. In conjunction with ventilators it eliminates almost entirely the unwanted effect.

As a manufacturer we advise carrying out periodic inspection at least one a year. The inspection allows accidents to be avoided. Moreover, we advise checking the joints between the inspections every now and then. Tent halls are under constant pressure of wind, snow and rain, which can loosen the strength of the joints. It is also very important to remember about removing the snow off the roof in winter. To maintain the aesthetic standard it is advised also to clean the roof and walls. Best for this purpose will be a pressure washer. It will remove even the worst dirt well and in short time. It is also possible to use cleaning liquids.

We build gable roof objects which allow snow to slide freely. Excess snow needs to be removed.

We manufacture tent halls with due care for their best functionality and longest lifespan. When manufacturing we use the best materials; however, unplanned events may lead to damage. The most frequent impairments are: tearing of the tarpaulin, dents in the steel plate, frame damage (e.g. by a car). If the owner particularly neglects the object and lets snow to collect, the whole construction is
endangered and it can even collapse.

As a manufacturer we are able to replace in a short time damaged elements. We can carry out inspections and help with repairs; however, it is not within our standard service.

Yes. Our offer applies to both individual customers as well as businesses.

Yes. Our offer applies to both individual customers as well as businesses.We try to answer as soon as possible to all enquiries and messages generated by the hall configurator. Usually we answer in a few working days from receiving the message. The time of answer depends on the number of received messages.

Yes. We have experience in carrying out projects in different regions of Poland and Europe. We accept orders from all countries.

Yes. We have implemented many projects and some of them are featured on our website. Right by the description of each project there is a picture of the tent hall and of the interior as well. This allows you to have a closer look at the frame and sheathing of the tent hall. Example projects may also be an inspiration to look for the best solution for you. It is then possible to adapt the project from the picture to your own individual needs.