Tent halls for agriculture

Modern agriculture progress causes growing demand in more and more advanced and effective infrastructural solutions. Agricultural halls make an important part of the farming sector because they not only insure space for crops storing, but protect equipment and animals from harmful weather conditions as well. Because of the growing demand, our sheds are designed in such a way to maximally improve the space and to minimize the exploitation costs at the same time.

Alternative to traditional buildings

We are convinced that in the agricultural sector the best option is to use tent halls. Until now, there were used wooden or brick buildings or temporary, unsteady sheds. In case of wooden and brick buildings – the construction cost was very high, while in case of sheds – structures were often unsustainable. For this reason, we’ve developed on the one hand a cost-effective and on the other hand a practical and durable solution. The structures are manufactured from steel profiles while for the walls and roof covering we use very strong and durable tarpaulins, sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheet metals.

Agricultural halls on a natural background

While designing halls for agricultural machines, we place a great emphasis on the way they present in the surrounding area. Modern sheds may be executed from the products that match harmoniously with the local landscape not only in terms of aesthetics but also functionality. While choosing halls for agricultural machines from JAR-BUD – you may count on professional assembly of the shed at the destination place.

Durability and reliability of structures for agricultural halls

By investing into an agricultural shed that is dedicated for machine storing, it is important to pay attention to its durability. The materials that we use for construction of halls are carefully selected each time in order to insure the maximum corrosion, mechanical damages and other external factors resistance. Thanks to that, our structures are able to serve for many years without a need to carry out expensive repairs or modifications. Each hall is designed by taking into consideration the local construction standards that ensure compliance with applicable safety standards.

Advantages of our tent structures

Invitation to cooperation with JAR-BUD

It is worth considering all the advantages of choosing JAR-BUD agriculture tent halls while thinking about expansion or modernization of the farm’s infrastructure. Our structures designed for machines combine both tradition and modernity thanks to not only durable and aesthetic match, but also cost-effectiveness and simplicity in maintenance. We kindly invite you to contact our specialists that will help you to personalize the best solution to the individual requirements of your farm and will assure you with all necessary information.