Horse riding tent halls


The universal character of the tent hall construction makes it usable as a horse stable. We prepare projects fully adjusted to needs of our customers – in terms of size as well as the material used. We are able to make projects that you can read through in the production section.


Solid construction of roofed stables


We have many years of experience in the production of tent halls which are widely used in many fields. More and more interest is focusing on our roofed horse riding stables. Because we use the highest quality of products our tent halls are protecting against all weather conditions which allows long and safe usage. Furthermore, while working on a project we use only proven solutions that we have been applying for many years on the construction of tent halls.

Because of our wide experience, our constructions are durable and safe to use. Also our prices are attractive because years of experience allows us to cooperate with many different service providers.


Approved roofing construction


Roofed horse riding stables can be used during the whole week, with a guarantee of comfort at the same time for animals as well as riders.

Because of the roofing, the construction is not influenced by harsh weather conditions. Moreover, the walls of the tent hall are wind resistant and because of that riding even in winter will be possible and enjoyable. An additional advantage of our solutions is the possibility of using different functional elements. Each horse riding stable can be installed with additional systems such as lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


Possible arrangements


We manufacture steel projects ourselves that allow us to adjust horse riding stables to particular functions. We allow adjustments in terms of:




The most important advantages of tent halls for roofed horse riding stables are: