Steel halls


Stability of the frame, aesthetics of the final product and durability are the characteristics of steel halls. The production of our constructions is based on many years of experience and the materials used are of the highest quality. Our solutions are an alternative to traditional buildings and allow working space to be created in a much shorter time. The universality of our offer is aimed at customers who are planning on developing their business. We have helped many investors from all regions of Poland and Europe.


Project adjusted to specific needs


Our company manufactures steel constructions in any given size and shape. To design our constructions we use all kinds of measurements, dimensions, lengths and heights of the object as well as angles, type, number and span of frames. Projects are made on the base of the materials, number of elements such us gates, windows and ventilators. Our projects are based on the needs and requirements of the customer. Development of the project is prepared with each customer individually with information about the purpose of the object and the type of base. It is also possible to use already existing projects and solutions and they are ready to be modified accordingly to needs. We make projects based on already existing elements modifying separate segments and components. Our supporting architects and engineers are nightly qualified and experienced in tent hall construction and design.


Solid implementation


We create constructions based on high quality materials. For this purpose, we make solid elements, and prepare earlier solid inner and end frames. Appropriate spacing of the frames guarantees a solid shell. All elements are made of galvanised materials which are proofed.

Steel constructions are coated with materials specifically selected to suit the needs or choice of the
individual investor. We create solutions adjusted to different needs, locations and specifications. The weight, strength and individual technical specifications of the materials differ, what creates an opportunity to prepare an individual design. We have a range of materials produced by different manufacturers. The materials used most frequently include:

We make sure the construction is the same as all specifications in the project. We ensure that the final product is exactly as expected by our investor. The building process of every single tent hall begins with preparing/measuring the ground and taking off the first surface layer (humus) and flattening the ground. We have the equipment needed for this work. On this ground we can start to build the steel construction.

We manufacture steel halls based on traditional forms for such objects:

The construction of each building can be different in a number of parameters of every element.


The main advantages


The popularity of the tent halls is due to a number of advantages. The most popular are:


Area of use


Steel constructions are used in many lines of business. They are a good alternative to traditional buildings and because of their durability they can be used for many purposes:

As a manufacturer we are able to prepare steel halls for unusual purposes. We have prepared solutions for different investors not only in all regions of Poland but also in Europe.