Types of tent halls


The design of tent halls is practical and economical, it allows creating spaces for various purposes. Depending on the construction form and the method of use, we distinguish various types of tent halls, including:



They are a very good alternative when trying to solve the problem of the lack of storage space, meeting your needs for storage. The construction is not based on additional supports, and the interior is a completely free space that can be fully used. These tents can be quickly set up and freely extended with an additional module. Tent-based storage halls can be additionally equipped with heaters, thanks to which storing goods is safe even in winter. Their simple design creates the possibility of all sorts of retrofitting and expansions.




As a manufacturer, we prepare industrial tent halls that can be used in many industries. We make objects based on attested and certified materials. Each project is designed in accordance with the client’s needs and the applicable European standards. They are characterized by solid construction, with the possibility to partition them into production and social zones. In a simple way, they can be equipped with heating, ventilation, lighting, lightning protection, etc. They are most suitable for light production.




Our production allows erecting sports indoor tents. Traditional constructions are very well suited for roofs such as ice rinks, go-kart tracks, skate-parks. We also carry out non-standard orders by preparing halls dedicated to tennis courts, horse-riding facilities or hangars, e.g. for water and air equipment. These constructions are easy to assemble and disassemble, which allows you to create canopies in colder months and go on with the sporting activities. There is the possibility to use any additional equipment, such as lighting, floor covering, equipment, etc.




Simple indoor tents can be arranged in any way for specific entertainment needs. They are more and more often used when organising weddings, due to the possibility of creating a spectacular roof in a picturesque environment. They also work great as summer theatres, cinemas or concert scenes. They can be a good space for organising various types of company events, city fairs, etc. The production of tent halls takes place using high quality materials and taking into account the special needs of event organisers.


Trade fair


As a producer of tent halls, we can see their potential in organising trade fairs. The free space in the interior – without any additional vertical supports – allows free placement of stands. They are often used as objects for book fairs and for newspapers, garden stores, construction equipment wholesalers, etc. In addition, they can provide practical roofing for traditional multi-branch fairs in housing estates and in smaller towns. Our production of indoor tents for fairs is carried out in accordance with the Investors’ preferences.