Our tent halls are manufactured from the best quality materials. We use materials that we are sure about. It means that all elements are characterised by durability and are resistant to all weather
conditions. We choose each element carefully to make sure the products we offer to our customers are made of the right materials.


What materials do we use?


1. Construction


Construction is based on square and rectangle closed steel constructions. We choose steel materials from trusted suppliers. They are ideal for welding construction elements together. After the welding they are galvanized. That way, an additional layer is created to protect further against weather conditions and in particular against corrosion. We make constructions in this way so that the free space will remain inside – without interior supporting elements.


2. Sheathing of the tent hall.


Construction of the whole cover of the tent is made from three different materials:

We also offer the possibility of manufacturing a tent hall made with one type of material for the roof as well as the walls or we can make parts of the project out of different materials in one construction such as: roof made of tarpaulin and walls and end frames out of trapeze plate. Our customers have the choice in terms of colour. We offer tarpaulins and sheet metals from the RAL pallet.


3. Extras


We make sure our tent halls have:

We add to the construction elements requested by the customer.


1.  Colours of RAL pallet: RAL 3000, 3011, 3016, 8013, 8004, 8017, 8019, 6011, 6020, 6005, 1015, 1003, 5010, 9010, 9002, 7035, 9006, 9007, 7026, 7016, 9005.

2. Colours of the tarpaulin: RAL 9010, 9016, 7035, 7038, 7040, 7037, 9005, 6026, 6005, 5015, 5010, 5002, 5013, 1015, 1003, 1018, 2004, 3002.

3. Colours of the roofing plate (depending on the producer of plates):

4. Colours of the wall plate (depending on the manufacturer of the plate):