The production of tent halls


We are a producer of tent halls, which we make at the individual request and commission of clients. They are an excellent alternative to traditional facilities, as they do not require the introduction of footings or road plates, which saves time and money.


Heavy Duty Construction


The production of tent halls is done using traditional steel profiles with a different cross-section (depending on the planned size of the entire structure). Material used for this production is characterised by sufficient resistance to gravity acting on the whole frame. The use of a layer of zinc on the profiles also increase their resistance. It also increases durability in the face of atmospheric factors. It protects against corrosion and weakening of the supporting structure.


Safe cover


The use of a suitable plating is equally important for the construction. Our indoor tents have a cover made of:

We always strive to ensure that the fire-retardant certificates are respected. We choose solutions increasing fire resistance parameters. At the same time, our tent-covers have very good water-tightness. The material does not leak water to the interior, thanks to which the content of the interior is protected from increased humidity. On the other hand, it protects materials against excessive heating and direct sunlight. We use materials of various weights and stiffness. We are happy to advise you on the type of product that will provide the best solution – taking into the account your individual needs and preferences.


Wide range of applications


As a manufacturer, we produce tent halls that will find a wide range of applications. They can be used as:

The simple, universal nature of the design, together with the flexibility of our offer in the field of production, will allow you to create indoor tents that fully meet your needs. We make tents of specific length and width, and even in a specific colour patterns (according to the RAL colour palette). We can also prepare non-typical and non-standard products. In the production work, we include the arrangement of additional elements, such as doors, windows, vents, in accordance with the anticipated needs for the facility and its future use.


How to order a hall?


For details, please contact us. We have created a hall configurator for our clients. It gives you the opportunity to choose individual components from our offer, such as: type, additional elements, wall, roof, dimensions. Based on this information, we are able to estimate the approximate total cost. We provide the information by e-mail or by phone. We can also answer additional questions included in the comments to the message.

We implement constructions for our clients from the sector of small, medium and large companies active in various industries. We operate throughout the country.