Tent halls

Solid tent halls are now frequently used as an alternative to traditional brick buildings. This solution is lower in costs and comfortable in use. The construction of a tent hall takes less time and at the same time is adjustable for all needs and purposes. Is it worth investing in a tent hall? When to decide on such a solution? How to select the right design?

Low budget investment with a high percentage of benefits

Modern tent halls are winning over traditional buildings. They are easier and faster to build and use. The core of the frame supports the weight of the tent making the space around it free. Supporting elements are not visible inside the tent. The interior can be divided into smaller units. It is also possible to modernise or to change elements of the interior to adjust space divisions in the future.

Main advantages

Tent halls have a number of advantages. Stability of the elements and resistance to all weather conditions are the first ones. All of the elements used in the construction are of the highest quality. It is our priority to create solutions accurate in size and appearance for the individual needs and preferences of the investor. We encourage you to further investigate the advantages of our tent halls.
Low costs of use is yet another benefit. Halls are built mainly of materials such as steel, tinplate, etc. and because of their attributes they are solid and remain completely functional and in a good condition. Moreover, maintenance of our tent halls does not need any special solutions and they do not cumulate expenses. Tent halls also do not incur real estate tax.

Tent halls in accordance with the regulations of Polish Constriction Law (from 7 July 1994) and the Local Taxation and Fees Act (from 12 January 1991) are not liable to tax. Only buildings and parts of buildings connected to a business are liable. Constructions of small architecture or other facilities are not classified as buildings. Tent halls are often classified as a temporary solution and therefore are not liable to the tax. This guarantees savings in the budget.

Investment for any necessity

We are experienced in manufacturing tent halls with many different specifics adapted to the individual requests of our customers. Our constructions are an alternative to traditional buildings with maintenance of all functions. Easy to assemble and disassemble, our projects are a fast and reliable way to arrange any working, business or entertainment space. Each tent hall can be placed on any relatively flat surface.

Types of tent halls

Our construction designs are flexible to be used for any purpose specified by our customers. In our offer we have tent halls for purposes such as industrial, banquet, market, warehouse, sports, etc. Each of our products is adjustable. During the production process it is possible to vary the number of elements and size. We encourage you to further investigate the types of our tent halls.

The constructions in our offer allow extra storage space to be gained in a short time. Tent halls are also great for seasonal tennis courts or horse riding spaces. And after additional utilities are installed such as heating, the space can be used even in winter providing comfortable conditions in any weather. Such arrangements guarantee continuous profits.

Tent halls are also a good solution for start-ups. Using them is inexpensive with no need to sacrifice comfort or space. Their universality makes them suitable to be placed on any relatively flat surface. There is no need for renovation and they can be easily disassembled and placed elsewhere. Our financially attractive constructions are manufactured with a specific design for each individual customer making then suitable for any purpose.

We have observed the changes in expectations of our customers, so therefore we are constantly improving our solutions to meet the needs of each individual customer and adjust constructions to the changing market. Constant growth in agricultural customers has resulted in constructing a number of tent halls to accommodate machinery or cattle. Many farms and agritourism spaces as well as stables are using our solutions for horse riding halls and other facilities. Each construction is designed with technologies and solutions adjusted to final use.

Choosing the best solution

To choose the most suitable tent hall, it is important to have in mind the purpose of the construction before making plans. A relatively simple construction still needs ahead plan in order to meet all needs and requirements. Different spaces need a variety of elements adjusted to the individual purpose of the object. It needs to be specified if the design is going to be for sport, a market, an event or a warehouse. Each of these purposes needs a different size and type of space. Another important point is to leave some space for elbow room in the number of separated spaces. The best solution is to have adjustable space that can be used for many years.

The production of tent halls

Our constructions are based on a solid frame. We are also taking care in choosing and preparing the right materials for the roofing. The materials of choice for the roofing are tarpaulin, metal or layer disc. We adjust to individual needs the number of doors, windows and ventilators. In the production process we also take under consideration the possibility of separating the space into different rooms such as staff rooms, storage spaces, production spaces, etc. We invite you to further investigate the characteristics of hall production.

We are confident that once you investigate the production process it will be easier to choose separate segments for the hall of your needs. Each space such us horse riding, agriculture or production will need different solutions. We are able to offer construction designed for a given purpose and usage with correctly located gates, doors, windows and other elements.Over the years we have carried out many different projects. At every stage of production we advise on the details of each design to ensure that the final product meets all of your needs and expectations.

As a manufacturer we are aware that by choosing a tent hall you choose the company as well. It is our priority to deliver the best quality of service, to meet expectations and sustain our reputation. Therefore, we carefully listen to the needs and suggestions of our customers. We advise which type of roofing will be the best choice for the needs of the investor. Safety and functionality is our main focus.

All of the materials and construction solutions are approved and tested. We make sure each element of our construction meets all safety regulations. The frame successfully tolerates extreme weather conditions – it withstands rain, snow and wind pressure and the steep roof allows snow to fall freely. All construction elements are manufactured according to the project that is beforehand approved by experienced architects.

We take care to produce fully functional objects. Wide knowledge and experience has contributed to the creation of many suitable constructions for the individual needs of our customers. In our offer we prepare constructions based on ready designs, based on already existing objects or we create a new plan from scratch. We advise on additional rooms, on how to save space or how to equip space with additional machinery or equipment.