Jar-Bud is a profesional manufacturer of steal hall constructions, operating in the building sector since 2005. Our offer includes tent halls and other steel constructions adjusted to the individual needs of our customers.

We offer:

Our Offer

Construction procedures are performed in line with the highest quality standards and with the latest European norms and regulations.

Each construction order is manufactured in our production hall. Ready designs are available to use as a base to create individual projects. Every project can be modified at any stage of the production according to purpose or needs. All types of typical solutions are available in a useful hall configurator. In the case of individual projects, we advise discussing the order in detail before using the configurator.

We prepare constructions for a wide range of uses. During our many years of experience, we have constructed tent halls for cattle, sports, horse riding, covered tennis courts, and many other different purposes, having in mind the different needs of each area. Different purposes have different needs and so a hall for agricultural needs will be different than one for horse riding, and the cattle hall cannot be the same as a sports object.

Experience accumulated over many years has allowed us to come up with the best solutions for building halls and pavilions. A variety of manufactured products offers a diversity of different types of structures. We are able to offer the best solution for all types of facilities, such as horse riding halls, warehouses, production spaces, different types of market areas, or tent halls for cattle. We are open to all ideas from our customers, even most challenging orders.

Every steal construction is made in the highest quality of materials with the thought of a good planned concept. All this contributes to the best and long lasting usage of our products. We specialize in production of steal halls of the best quality with solicitude to the durability and aesthetics. Our offer includes halls coated with zinc, decorated with paint and fireproof painted. To satisfy all the needs of our customers we make halls that are gabled and pent roofed. Every steel construction can be covered with a different type of material: tarpaulin with slow burning attest (0,5mm; 0,7mm, T18 or 35), and all types of layer disc.

We offer a wide range of choice. Our constructions are based on tested solutions; however, we are open to new ideas and suggestions. We communicate with our customers to find the best possible solutions. As a manufacturer, we make sure we adjust our offer to the individual needs of the customer.