How to take care of a tent hall?

27 November, 2023

While using such buildings as whole-year-round steel constructions you should keep in mind their exploitation guidelines, especially during the winter season. For this reason, it is worth knowing how to take care of a tent hall in order to keep it in a good technical condition. The most problematic period may be in winter because of accumulating snow on the hall’s surface, as well as exposure to wind load and low temperatures. We kindly invite you to read the article in which we describe how to keep such a construction in a good condition.


How to take care of a tent hall properly?


The factor that influences the viability of such a facility to a large extent is its adequate cleaning after the winter period. For this purpose, it is necessary to ensure special chemical products that will remove dirt and will not damage the material of a tent hall. Properly selected products may also increase the tarpaulin’s flexibility and thereby contributing to the construction’s durability extension. It is worth knowing that a lot of chemical products may create a greasing surface which will preserve the material.


To take care of a tent hall properly, you need to remember about periodic inspection of its technical condition. Thanks to that, you may detect possible damages and perform necessary repairs. This will bring not only to a longer viability of the construction, but also have a great impact on the safety of the building. 


Removing snow from tent halls


In addition to the above mentioned, you shouldn’t forget about the threat to the construction’s condition which may be caused by the snow that accumulates on the roof. Its acceptable amount is specified by standards in this regard, on the basis of which you may determine when the snow should be removed. These standards may vary from 56 cm to 96 cm or more, depending on the area. Hence, the snow should be removed from the roof of a tent hall regularly in order to insure good technical condition of the building, safety of the users and also, to avoid a mandate.

Periodic inspections of the construction, performance of repairs on an ongoing basis, cleaning by carefully selected chemical products and snow removal are the most important issues that a tent hall owner should remember about. These aspects increase the safety level of the object and help to prolong its service life.