Frame tent halls, Steel construction, Tent halls

Size: 15,00m x 35,00m x 4,50m

Construction of the tent hall was made from square and rectangle sealed profiles which assure stability of the frame. The durability was also created out of the fact that each separate element is joined well. The construction is strengthened because of the galvanization – under the norm PN-EN ISO 1461. This gives more resistance to exterior factors and especially corrosion. The frame was covered with tarpaulin of a weight 680gr/m2 in the shades of white (RAL 9010) on the roof and triangle parts of gable walls. To cover the sidewalls and gable walls we used – following the project – trapeze plate T10 in the shades of gray (RAL 9007). In one of the sidewalls we made a slide gate and an entrance.